Robert Gary Dodds Vice President The Americas & West Indies and Global Ambassador Safehotels Alliance AB

Gary is a seasoned Hotel & Resort industry professional, whose lived and worked at Vice President level in the USA, Asia-Pacific, The Middle East & Africa and Europe this last 40 years. He’s sat on global Industry Committees; and on Boards of School’s Colleges and Charities. He's at home in and sensitive to any culture or religion.

His previous 12-years working for The Ritz-Carlton & Marriott hotel company saw him as a specialist, overseeing 160 hotels and over 60,000 employees in the Middle East & Africa based in London, then Dubai. He has handled acquisitions of 60 hotels in Europe and 100 in Africa. Prior he worked at Corporate for The Peninsula Group for 10-years, based in Hong Kong, then IHG Asia Pacific.

He heads The Americas & West Indies for Safehotels Alliance AB and has a colleague Patrick Jorio who works with him. Gary is based in North Carolina, USA and Patrick, who’s fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German, is based in Cancun, Mexico. Patrick has been a Regional Director Engineering in both Europe and South America, with Hilton ad Occidental Hotels. Together they take care of all audits for Safehotels in The Americas & West Indies.

Safehotels has started marketing its services in The Americas & West Indies, building on its success in Europe, The Middle East & Asia Pacific. With over 300 Radisson Blue Hotels signed to the program globally, Gary has recently signed the iconic Cobbler’s Cove Hotel in Barbados, and the equally iconic, Half Moon Hotel, Rose Hall, Jamaica into the program.

Both hotel saw immediately the value form a guest’s perspective of increased safety and security standards, and the ability to market those to potential untapped new markets.