Better Safe than Sorry !

Who is in charge of safety & security management?

Not long ago a hotel in Asia with a 2-page safety and security plan lost a conference of 600 participants to another hotel that had a full and well prepared plan.

That the rate was US $ 30 higher in the second hotel, was perceived by the organizers as an investment in the safety of their associates and the appropriate Duty of Care needed.

This demonstrates that the time has come to add a another team member to the Executive Committee, the MRS, Manager Responsible for Safety and Security

She or he should be a senior executive who can take the leadership role in Safety & Security planning, implementation and then leads the organization through regular exercises to an appropriate level of alertness and readiness.

Please ask yourself these simple questions:

 Do I look left and right when I cross the street and who taught me this
 Do I use safety belts while driving and why didn’t I use those 20 - 30 years ago?

Answering these questions will be easy, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, but the following questions to hoteliers and event facility managers are not always so simple.

 Is your computer back up system off location?
 Did you check your electricity back up system this month?
 Do you have a satellite based telephone on standby for emergency situations?
 Do you review your insurance policies every year?
 Do you organize safety & security training and simulations?

The answers we get are manifold, from “ it won’t happen to me ” to “ we cross that bridge when we get there “, but regular events show that responsible hoteliers and event facility managers will have to become more professional and, above all, more pro-active.

In the 80’s the hospitality industry had to embrace environmental issues in order to stay competitive, now is the time to embrace Safety and Security as a management priority.

This bottom line is simple; we all need to sharpen our skills at predicting, preventing and handling such situations so that we can professionally encounter the fear factor of our customers who will more and more ask hoteliers and event facility managers this simple question: Is it safe?

William Shakespeare said it the clearest:
"To fear the worst oft cures the worse."