Key benefits for guests and buyers

  • It becomes easier to identify hotels and meeting venues that work with good practice when it comes to security
  • The communication with Hotels and meeting venues when it comes to security becomes easier
  • Hotel preference is made by guests and hotel room buyers who value security.
  • A safety and security ‘trust symbol’ is provided and recognized for guests, room buyers, travel managers and the travel industry.
  • The hotel is prepared in case an incident occures
  • Less likelihood of adverse safety and security incidents happening during a stay.
    If there is an adverse incident the hotel is more likely to be able to resolve and recover to a guests satisfaction.
  • Guests and room buyers can more easily recognize hotels who place additional value on safety and security.
  • The need and time for travel managers to conduct additional and own research on a hotels safety and security for the travel managers own duty of care program is improved.
  • Reduced need for own security consultants to visit hotels