Implement The Global Hotel Security Standard ©.
Via a Globally Recognized Certificate create an independent communication tool between Hotels & meeting venues and the travel industry.


Establish the Global Hotel Security Standard© as The Standard, and Safehotels Certificate as The Certifcate on the Global Market to make the communication between the Hotel and Meeting Venues reliable, more efficient, and easier.

The Safehotels Story

Safehotels Alliance AB is a Swedish company founded in February 2001 with a home base in Gothenburg. Key moments in the Safehotels Story - as the world’s only independent, global company focussing on hotel safety and security certification standards are:

  • 2001 a group of hoteliers, security experts, and Travel managers under the coordination by Safehotels Alliance, met to create the Global Hotel Security Standard ©,
  • The first hotel to achieve Global Hotel Security Standard© and maintain Certification was the Gothia Towers Gothenburg, - the largest hotel and conference venue in Northern Europe.
  • In 2003 Safehotels Alliance launched the annual SMI ‘Security in the Meetings Industry’ Forum – an annual educational seminar focussing on safety and security in the hotel and meetings industry. It has been presented in Istanbul, Dubai and Stockholm Sweden.
  • Following successful implementation of the Standard in the key market – hotels in gateway destinations such as Istanbul, Hong Kong and Nairobi were certified and achieved the Global Hotel Security Standard©
  • In 2013 Safehotels Alliance was established in Dubai as an His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed SME Initiative
  • In 2014, The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group became the first major international hotel company to adopt the Global Hotel Security Standard and fully recognize its growing need and purpose.
  • During 2015, Safehotels Alliance Certification and the Global Hotel Security Standard© really took off, adding certified hotels in over 40 new global destination cities